Money management for younger generations.

At Lendonomy, we want to help young people build healthy relationships with money.

Experts in money struggles

We have been in this position ourselves. Sometimes, when you’re young money seems to just slip out of your pockets and before you know, you’re broke and have no idea how to figure out a way to pay for your next meal. This is were Lendonomy was born. From a place of financial insecurity, with the hopes of somebody who could lend a hand. This someone is the Lendonomy we are building.

Anzhelika Osmanova


Nadine Rijkhoff

Finance Advisor

Dario Ferrando



Accelerated and mentored by the best.

We’re young, but we had our share of experiences already. We’ve been through a few accelerators, and collected a team of talented mentors along the way.


The Factory

Spring 2018


Winter 2019

Innovation Norway

Winter 2019

Advisory Team

Ingar Bentsen

Board Member

Ingar S. Bentsen is the CEO of TheFactory Fintech accelerator and Chairman of Oslo Fintech Hub.

Camilla Wollan


Camilla Wollan is a partner in Finance & Projects at DLA Piper.

Ketil Wig


Ketil’s career track covers positions at Anderson Consulting, Accenture and McKinsey & Co.

Lasse Häll


Lasse is a leading voice in the financial technology sector, with 16+ years of experience .

Heidi Frost Eriksen


Heidi is a CEO and Co-Founder of Technebies.

Anders Eikenes


Anders Eikenes is a serial entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of carving5, former CTO and Co-Founder of Huddly.


Got more questions?

Here are the most frequent ones.

Lendonomy works as a mobile app on the user side and as a desktop app on the business side (for Lendonomy partners). Users exist within commonly shared pools of money, within which they can freely borrow and lend. A single user can be both a borrower and a lender. The borrowing cap for the first-time user is 100 EUR. The maximum borrowing amount is 1000 EUR.
Lendonomy is a social network for money with a P2P heart. Unlike other existing Fintech players with the P2P core, we let our users exist within shared money pools, where a single user can be both a borrower and a lender. We focus primarily on the youth and student communities and help them build healthy relationships with money through providing educating content and meaningful rewards. Unlike other P2P companies, we mainly exist in a mobile app space and work with micro amounts. Moreover, our unique incentive scheme allows us to reward good payers in innovative ways and provide them with better terms when it is the time for their first bank loan.
Lendonomy is built to nurture the youth's financial knowledge and confidence, and not to put funds at risk. That is why the platform was engineered to keep the risks of default to a minimum. Our close relationships with socially responsible brands and banks help us provide an additional level of security, making Lendonomy arguably the safest player on the market. While we do all we can to build an extra safe social network for money, note that we can't guarantee the absence of occasional default by some users. In that case, we will do all we can to incentivise defaulted borrowers to return the money back and motivate the Lendonomy community to cover for the loss by offering them exclusive rewards.
In addition to providing a platform for P2P lending, we partner up with the brands that are especially loved by the young to motivate the users become great with money through providing them with exclusive rewards, discounts for great products, access to partner companies' events and fast-track to internship programs. We put a strong emphasis on financial education and provide our community with unique content about money and adulting within the Lendonomy app.

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